Farah Elneihum

Workshop 1 – Photography & Visual Awareness (2 days)

In an age when people are communicating as much with the photograph as with the word it is important to do this with awareness and understanding. Images are powerful.

This creative workshop focuses on three key skills of good photography:

  1. Seeing – really notice what is around you
  2. Composition – learn how to construct a strong visual image
  3. Using a camera – a few basic camera skills take you a long way!

In the workshop you will see plenty of exciting photographs and you will get to make your own. You will also learn to critique them in a supportive and non-competitive environment.

The aim is that you go away enthusiastic about photography, excited about your own visual expression and confident about using a camera.

Workshop 2 – Photography & Making Meaning (2 days)

Photography can be more than about making pretty pictures. It can say something important about the photographer and the world.

Workshop 2 builds on your learning from Workshop 1.

You will learn to give your photographs deeper meaning and to create photographs that get people thinking. This workshop will help you answer the question:

How can photography be special and significant when there is so much of it?

In this creative workshop you will look at a number of art photographers and photojournalists and examine how they use the camera to explore ideas and themes. You will get to explore your own ideas too and to critique your photographs in a supportive and non-competitive environment.

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